Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The Perfect DIY for Festival Season

It's almost festival season and with Coachella set to kickoff 
April 10th a DIY on Flower Crowns just seemed like a must!

Everyone in favor of a little flower power say TULIP!
Haha, sorry I couldn't resist the cheesy moment!

So now that you just had an overload of complete gorgeousness I'll turn things over 
to Jen of Green Wedding Shoes for your 7 steps to floral perfection!

Here's a peek of steps 4-7

I know, you're now totally dying to start prepping for this
weekends project! No special event or festival to attend...
No biggie, I plan to repaint our basketball goal this weekend, maybe 
I'll jazz things up a bit, play a game of horse with the hubby all 
while rocking my flower crown of course?!

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