Monday, April 16, 2018

Acts of Kindness - Challenge #4

Well hello Monday!
This weeks Random Act of Kindness is one that I truly enjoy doing.
It's also one that drives me BONKERS!

This week we are trying to get a handle on those rouge shopping carts!
You know the ones I'm talking about...The ones that for whatever reason someone has left sitting out in a parking lot. WHY do people do this?  I'm sure there is a good reason right? Please tell me there is!  Or maybe it was the wind that took them on a ride.

Either way...let's grab those carts and push them back inside where they belong as we walk into a store.  Or if you see someone who's just unloaded their basket ask them if you can take their cart for them and return. 

This past weekend while at Target I noticed a mom with a child that was wheelchair bound.
It's one of those moments you just want to say a quiet prayer for them and to thank God for your blessings. As I was walking to my car (hands full with bags and Miss Fi) I saw this mom again loading up her son's wheelchair in their van and I immediately knew I wanted to help.  So I simply said-  "Ma'am, I will gladly take this cart off your hands and return for you to save you a trip".
Her smile and surprise at the helping hand warmed my heart and I hope it did hers too.

It's simple y'all...I promise our little bit of kindness WILL make a difference. 

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Wednesday, April 11, 2018

My April Wish List

You know how there are those items that you want and then those that you need...
Well... I NEED every single one of these and I don't believe for a second any of these are a "want"!
That's my story and I'm sticking to it!
April Wish List
First up - this Malibu Skye Straw Bucket Bag is giving me life and um...yeah it's $68

Kendra Scott just launched her candle collection and I have yet to smell however, it's KS and we know we are all going to immediately love every scent!

American Eagle is a store that I haven't shopped in like YEARS, but I have to give it to them! Lately I am finding super adorable clothes at AE and recently some crazy amazing sandals at awesome prices. I've never been a huge fan of pink, but lately I seem to be gravitating to the softer tones like these perfect for spring and summer sandals.  
Let's be real...Fixer Upper might have come to an end, but Jo Jo is here to stay.  I am so excited to get my hands on her new cookbook!  

Ok! Let's talk the Opal House Collection!! It screams Anthropologie, but is crazy affordable and I need pretty much the whole collection! HA! I will most likely do a completely separate post on OH to show yall all the amazing items, but let's start with two items that I would love to add in our downstairs bathroom! The teal blue soap dispenser - this color is everything! The palm leaf canvas prints are pretty much what I'm counting on to pull this space together! 
They are sold as a set for only $74!! 

Last, if you have followed me for any length of time you know that I developed melasama during pregnancy.  This pretty much meant that my carefree days of soaking up sun rays were over.  I've always used spf on my face, but now I also toss on a hat! This Madewell straw hat is just what I need for our beach trips this year! 

So I have to know...Have you shopped the Opal House Collection?
What did you purchase? What did you love?

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Monday, April 9, 2018

Acts of Kindness - Challenge #3

 Happy Monday!

 This weeks challenge I absolutely love. 

First, I want to say be genuine in your compliment and truly mean it.  
There is something good in ALL of us we just have to find it in each other. 

So, whether it's the cashier at the grocery store, the person changing your oil, or even your boss...
Look for it, find it, and then tell them... I love your smile, your hair is beautiful, you always make me feel special...whatever it is...TELL THEM!

Did you complete challenge #2 last week??
How did it make you feel?
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Monday, April 2, 2018

Acts of Kindness - Challenge #2

Happy Monday! 
I hope you all had a beautiful Easter weekend.
My Sweet Mama,  Miss Fi, and I are on our way to the beach for a quick little girls trip.
The challenge for this week is something I always seem to fail at however, when I receive an unexpected note in the mail from a girlfriend for no reason at all, it completely makes my day.
 I want to do the same for my friends and family in return.
 So...Here's your (and my) challenge for the week!

Did you complete challenge #1 last week??
How did it make you feel?

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Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Trend Alert - Indigo Blue

A hot trend for Spring- Summer 2018 Interior Design...Indigo Blue!

I am so excited about this color trend!  Indigo to me is dark yet super vibrant and hello our house is FULL of this shade so obviously, I am a total fan and immensely enjoyed this round up - surprisingly enough there is not one single Chinoiserie vase in this collection! (somebody quick check my temperature) haha!

The first items I plan to snag will be the basket with gold handle details and the brushstroke pillow
Both of these items will work perfectly in our family room. 

I've linked everything up to help you add a splash of indigo to your home! 

Multipurpose Storage Bench would be perfect under a window seal or foot of a bed
Brushstroke Pillow (ps this pillow also comes in yellow and black
The gold detail basket comes in Large and Small 
If you are scared of too much blue - this candle will help you add a simple touch of indigo 
I have similar prints in our home in green, but how gorgeous is the blue?!! You can buy these individually or in a set!
 Rug in a 5x7 is UNDER $60!
Another easy way to add a subtle touch of indgo to your decor is by a vase!
Striped cylinder Vase
Short round Vase
Fan Palm Leaf 

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Monday, March 26, 2018

Acts of Kindness - Challenge #1

Have you ever noticed when you tell a stranger hello and they give the slightest smile back and reply with a hello to you as well how it makes you feel?  What about when you go a step further and follow your hello with how are you today? The shock that appears on some faces like, wait you care how I feel?  YES…I care!

I am a huge fan of random acts of kindness. The feeling you get from doing something simple, but special for someone else is truly incredible! 

This is a brand new series to Delightfully Chic and I really hope you all jump on board with this and help share these challenges with your friends and family. I promise you will be AMAZED at how being nice to others and showing the simplest acts of kindness will actually make you feel amazing and completely change your outlook on life!

Mondays for so many are a drag…I find myself on Monday mornings completing the most acts of kindness in an effort to cheer someone up (and myself).  So I felt that kicking this series off on a Monday seemed pretty appropriate!  

So...Here is your first Random Acts of Kindness challenge for this week!

In a world with so many tragedies and heartbreak we have to remember just how many incredible and good people are in this world and how blessed we really are! Here’s hoping and praying that these challenges brighten your days and so many others!

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Monday, March 12, 2018

My March Wish List

Since the start of the year I have been thinking about the blog and how I would like to revamp and mix things up a little. So, get ready for a few new series and exciting updates!  To kick things off we are starting with a new monthly series of all the items on my current Wish List! Per usual everything will be linked and easily made shopable for all of you who may also love and need these items in your life.

I want to mention - since becoming a wife and especially since becoming a mom I am beyond proud to say I am WAY more frugal and try to only buy items that I truly love or have heard great things about. The majority of the items you will find in my wish list are easy on the bank accounts however, there may be the occasional splurge.  Sorry, we all have our moments of weakness ;) 

March Wish List

Striped Bell Sleeve Top $59 - I seriously LOVE this top and need it in my spring wardrobe!
True Roots $19 - Clean and Toxic Free recipes - I'm sold!
Mac Lipstick & Lip Liner $17 each  - Bottom line Rachel Parcell wears this color combo so naturally I'm going to need it! haha 
Loeffler Randall Straw Circle Tote $295 - Remember those moments of weakness I was talking about?! This bag is one of them!

Floral Flat $34 (free shipping)  - seriously could this flat be more perfect for spring?!
Greek Goddess Diana Bust $64 (free shipping) -  the goddess of the woods, children and childbirth, fertility, chastity, the moon, and wild animals.
Botanics Facial Oil $17  - Honestly, I'm not sure why I don't have this in my possession yet - for over a year I've heard NOTHING, but rave reviews.  I will mention I've never seen this product in store, but many stores do carry online. I've linked to one of my go to retailers.
Popcorn Sweater $65 - This sweater has already sold out at Nordstrom so linking directly to Topshop
Quay Sunnies $55 (free shipping) - I was recently introduced to Quay and immediately became obsessed 

Are you excited about this new series to the blog?!! 
Do you have any of my wishlist items? 
Do you love??!

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