Monday, December 31, 2012

Quote Of The Week {Farewell & Welcome}

Do you have your extra glam attire ready for tonight?!  I sure hope so because ready or not, it's time to wrap up 2012 as we say so long with bubbly toasts and welcome 2013?!

Here is a sneak peak of my attire for the evening!

I have declared 2013 a year of CHANGE!! 
A few areas of focus for me in the up coming, sure to be amazing year!

I never take time to disconnect from everything and breath.  No cell phone, no computer, no tv, no music, no anything.  Just me and 5-10 minutes everyday to sit in complete silence. 

Treat my body as a temple
I plan to start the year with a 3 day Detox.  (click here to see the detox plan i have chosen) 
After I make it through the cleanse (Lord Willing) I would really like to be more mindful and cautious of the way I treat my body.

Manage Money 
Ok, I will be the FIRST to admit that Yes, I do NOT watch my money as well as I should.  If I see something I want I usually buy it.  Shoppers/Buyers remorse is something I rarely encounter.
Now let's not get crazy- I don't plan to completely stop treating myself however, maybe not so frequently.    

As if I don't have enough on my plate (working a full time job, on top of running the Delightfully Chic Blog and Online store) I am also committed to going back to school and getting my masters in business!
This is pretty major considering I was the girl who always believed school was nothing more than social hour and only decided to go to college after attending cosmetology school, obtaining license, and then refusing to be a hair stylist which left my parents no choice but, to basically cut me off financially in attempt to teach me a very important life lesson! 
It worked- it took barely a month and this girl was begging to go to college and now, only 6 days shy of my 31st birthday back to school I plan to go! 
My brother and I cutting up per usual at my college graduation back in 2006!


And wish for you this upcoming year! 

"May the best of the past be the worst of the future." 
- Irish Proverb

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Thursday, December 27, 2012

For The Love Of Cooking via Dr. Oz

Today instead of sharing a recipe I thought I would share what has been holding my attention this morning.

The one and only Dr. Oz is sharing his personal advice on how to get fit and eat clean in 2013 over on the 30 Days of Pinspiration today on Pinterest!
EEK!! I don't about you, but, my mama and I are obsessed with the Oz! Sometimes he is a little too graphic in his visuals on his talk show but, I do believe he gives GREAT advice; if only I could do a better job of following his recommendations!

I couldn't be more excited for the start of a new year!
2013 I am claiming as a year of CHANGE!

Stop by and follow Dr. Oz's board!

Are you excited for the new year?
Have you made any resolutions?!

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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Snowflakes for Sandy Hook

It's the day after Christmas and I hope you all enjoyed making magical memories with your family and loved ones.  I'm sure I was not the only one yesterday who found themselves reflecting on the horrible shootings and those precious lives that were taken far too soon in Connecticut.  It is absolutely heartbreaking to me to even think of those parents who had to wake up yesterday morning without their children.  I can't even fathom the hurt and pain they must be suffering.  

Just last week I received an email about the new school that Sandy Hook will be opening in January.  

Here is where Sandy Hook is asking for our help!!
(excerpt from email below)

"We are asking your students to make and decorate a snowflake. We will hang them in the hallways at the stark, new building where the Sandy Hook students will be returning. PLEASE NO WORDS! We want just a cheerful, happy (glitter and sparkle) environment for the students entering the new building.    
Parent-volunteers are working to ensure that the students are welcomed back by a winter wonderland with the entire school decorated with as many unique snowflakes as possible. We encourage senders to be as creative as possible, remembering that no two snowflakes are alike."

This email was originally sent out to other schools asking for there help however, it is no surprise that once the email circulated everyone across the country wanted to help out and get creative to attempt to even bring the tiniest smile to a returning students face!

So here at Delightfully Chic we are asking you all to help out and make a snowflake!  I know there are a lot of VERY creative readers out there so please while you are wrapping up your holiday and end of the year take 15-30 mins to sit down and release your creative juices! 

Below I have rounded up a little inspiration as well as a link to help you create a snowflake.


Click here for tips on how to make the perfect snowflake from domestic diva Martha Stewart!

For anyone living close to me feel free to drop your snowflakes off at my home OR contact me via email and I can meet you to collect and send in with my snowflakes. 
For all others not in the area- below is the address to where you should send your creations.
I urge all of you to continue to help spread the word but, keep in mind Sandy Hook is requesting that all snowflakes be mailed by January 12th

Please send all snowflakes and donations to: 
Connecticut PTSA
60 Connolly Parkway
Building 12, Suite 103
Hamden, CT 06514

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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Quote Of The Week

"Christmas waves a magic wand over this world, 
and behold, everything is softer and more beautiful." 

-Norman Vincent Peale

Cheers to the magic of the season!
Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas with family and friends!

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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Nearest & Dearest With a Few Guests of Honor

As I mentioned in my post yesterday, I totally went MIA on everyone for the past couple of weeks as I have been planning for a Christmas soiree (aka Jingle Bell Mingle) to be held at my home this past Saturday night with my nearest and dearest friends!

I have for years and years dreamed of the day when I would live in the most beautiful home (preferably on the intercoastal waterway in South Florida) and host lavish parties for every occasion imaginable.  Well, reality finally hit around the first week of November when I realized I was less than two months away from turning 31 and even though  I am not married, nor have I relocated to that glamorous home in SoBe that HELLO, life is quickly passing me by and I needed to stop putting my dreams off...and I mean ALL of my dreams!

So, I called my amazing "mama" and told her of my ah-ha moment and being the rockstar that she is, she said..."Assistant Mama reporting for duty" haha OK, maybe not in so many words but, she knew as well as I did I would be blowing up her phone nightly to brainstorm and plan!

Whether I like to admit it or not, I am a complete control freak and everything has to be "Tiff's way".  From decor, to the food (reminder: sign above my stove says "i kiss better than i cook"), to the festive holiday cocktails, I wanted to handle every aspect.  I wanted nothing more than my incredible friends, who might as well be family to have a night where they could come over, enjoy, relax, and not have to lift a finger!
I've never claimed to be Martha Stewart BUT, for my first solo event, I have to say the party was a success.  My very best friend since kindergarten, Rebecca Ballard-Boggs was kind enough to snap a few shots before the night kicked off. 
Festive Decor

Hors D'oeuvres

Holiday Cocktails

Since my home would not accommodate a sit down dinner for 20 plus I decided that the true guests of honor could take a seat at the table ;)
Rudolph, Dancer, Vixen, and Prancer were all in attendance!  

Stay tuned for pics of my wild and crazy friends!
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Monday, December 17, 2012

Quote Of The Week

Sorry to go MIA on you all last week!
After 3 Christmas's in my home I decided to finally host a holiday soiree for all my closest friends!
After weeks of prep it went off without a hitch.
An amazing time was had by all and we even at one point turned my dining room into a dance floor!!
I am sorting through all the pics tonight and will share with you all tomorrow!

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Monday, December 10, 2012

Quote Of The Week

The gift of faith, that you would have a love for God in your heart, the gift of friendship, that you would learn to love others deeply, the gift of peace, that you would enjoy life to its fullest and have a heart filled with peace, the gift of family, that you would embrace family no matter the circumstance, and most of all the gift of forgiveness, that you would discover the healing and restoring power of forgiveness. 
-A Christmas Snow
(a movie I highly recommend)

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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

For The Love Of Cooking

This weeks recipe I decided to share for three simple reasons, it's colorful, it's simple, and it's a carb and I'm a carboholic!

Roasted Baby Potatoes

Head on over to Savory Sweet Life for the 2 shakes of a lambs tail recipe!
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Tuesday, December 4, 2012


I look forward to the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show every December.  
A night full of oodles of sparkle and all things glitz and glam...wait did I mention the WINGS?? Yes, there will be wings...enormous gorgeous on every level angel wings!

The VS fashion show first pushed the envelope back in 1995 and every year since, the show has upped the dazzle and outdone themselves with each year to follow. 

Adriana Lima is probably my favorite angel of all time however, Miranda Kerr is just too dang adorable NOT to love.  AND then there's Alessandra Ambrosio, Lily Aldridge, and Doutzen Kroes and well the list could go on and on.

Oops and let me just make mention of the stunning Gisele Bundchen, Heidi Klum, and Marisa Miller because it just seems completely WRONG not to include these ladies in the rundown of angel love.

Do tell, who's your favorite VS angel?!
  • Adriana Lima
  • Miranda Kerr
  • Alessandra Ambrosio
  • Lily Aldridge
  • Doutzen Kroes
  • Gisele Bundchen
  • Heidi Klum
  • Marisa Miller
  • Tyra Banks
  • Another Darlin' Angel
**stop back by DCblog for my faves of the night**

ps..please forgive the off-center poll #technodrama 

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Monday, December 3, 2012

HELP...Decorating Disaster

How do you hang garland in your home?  

My sweet mama and I struggled BIG TIME with Command Hooks last night!  I'm talking multiple trips to Lowe's Home Improvement for several different types of hooks.  Yes, we followed the instructions, press for 30 seconds, let set for an hour.  Actually, we even let it set a little longer just for good measure.  Tonight we take matters into our own hands...that is Starbucks in the left & Staple Gun in the right!  Oh poor poor walls!  Thank goodness I have a few good painters in the fam! ; ) AND Thank goodness I have a mother who won't stop until her daughters vision comes to life!  Off to OWN this garland...however, if you have tips or tricks PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE leave a comment below, tweet me at tiffanybashley, or leave a facebook comment 
on the DC fan page
#womenonamission #dchic

Ps...I might should mention I'm hanging the garland on a wall in-between two doors. 

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Quote Of The Week

"Your imagination is your preview
of life's coming attractions"
-Albert Einstein


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Friday, November 30, 2012

For The Love Of Cooking

I say...It's the holidays and you get a permission slip for a little bottoms up fun!

What better cocktail to kick the season off with than a Cranberry Mojito?
With just the perfect amount of festiveness it's sure to be tasty!
Stay tuned for my personal review...

I personally want to serve this bev up in a mason jar to entice the fellas?
BUT, are cranberry's and fruit in a bev an automatic no go for the guys?
My sweets says...YES, but ugh I still refuse to believe! 

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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Quote Of The Week

Can you believe in just a few days we will welcome the last and most joyful month of the year, December?
There is just something so cozy and special about this time of year when you just want to let bigons be bigons, welcome everyone with open arms, and come together to celebrate such a magical holiday.

I have been on a decorating frenzy lately as I am hosting my very first Christmas soiree for my closest friends in just a couple weeks.  I am losing a little steam in the deck the halls department but, with only a little to go I think watching How the Grinch Stole Christmas (wine glass in hand) tonight will give me just enough cheer to push me through!

Welcome, Christmas, bring your cheer.
Cheer to all Whos far and near.
Christmas Day is in our grasp
So long as we have hands to clasp.
Christmas Day will always be
Just as long as we have we.
Welcome, Christmas, while we stand
Heart to heart... and hand in hand.
-How the Grinch stole Christmas

Oh don't ya just love the Grinch? 
My all time favorite holiday movie!!
Visit DC instagram later tonight for a speical apperance by the green fella! 
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Monday, November 26, 2012

CYBER MONDAY {DCshop up to 50% OFF}

No rest for the weary!
Keep your shopping shoes on…it’s CYBER MONDAY!!
Shop the Delightfully Chic Collection today and save up to 50% OFF!!!!!!

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Monday, November 19, 2012

Quote Of The Week

Give thanks this Thursday as you gather with family and friends.
I have been a little down in the dumps as my family will be scattered this Thanksgiving but, everything was just put back into perspective when I heard of a family spending their holidays in the hospital with their father that is ill.

“If we all threw our problems in a pile and saw everyone else's, we'd grab ours back.”
Regina Brett

When my brother and I were little my mama would always sing this to us...
Count your blessings name then one by one.  Count your blessing see what God has done!

An extra special thank you to my amazing parents who have ALWAYS stood by my brother and me through everything.  Thank you for always putting your children first and giving us all the opportunities you have.  There is something very special about knowing you have a family to lean and call on.  If my brother and I can even be half the parents one day that our parents have been to us...well then, we will be doing even better than ok!
I love you Mama and Daddy!

Last year at Part I of my 30th birhday celebrations! 
80's throwback skating-rink party!

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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

For The Love Of Cooking

Delectable treats to complete your Thanksgiving Feast!

Pecan Pie Bars

Cranberry Bliss

Pumpkin Cupcake with Graham Cracker Crust

Apple Cherry Cobbler Pinwheel

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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

I Spy {Your Inner Bad Girl}

Yes...this post is WAY past due but, better late than never right?!
The leather trend has been hitting the scene since early spring and now is at an all time high. 
Next time you're standing in the grocery line bored out of your mind, grab just about any fashion mag and flip a glossy or two.  You will surely land on a pair of rockin' leather pants!  

Why is it when we slip on even the tiniest bit of leather, we suddenly take on the persona of a total bad a$$?!  


shop the look
1, 2, 3, 4

I sure hope you are a fan because from the looks of the Spring 2013 runways, this trend is not going anywhere.  That's right inner bad chick...rock on!


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