Thursday, March 5, 2015

My Comfy Bed & Cotton

It’s official the weather roller coaster has taken me for a ride and I am now SICK!  
 From a beautiful 70 degrees yesterday and a low of 19 today with a chance of snow, I mean it’s kind of to be expected right?  Thanks Mother Nature, you’re the best!   
The only thing on my mind right now is my warm comfy bed which in turn then makes 
my mind drift to cotton stems.  I know, just a day in the life of 
a runny nose, watery eyed interior design lover.

I was just telling the husband and mother-in-law the other day that I need to grab a few stems to place in our guest bathroom.  I just love the purity and gentleness of the little white poufs.
What about you?!

Pick up your own cotton goodness over at the Magonolia Market

images via pinterest
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  1. Brianna, I'm a Carolina cotton loving girl too!
    Thanks for stopping by the blog! xoxo


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