Sunday, July 31, 2016

Sunday Sanctuary: Delightfully Chic Home Office

Scott and I both have our own offices in our home and somehow I ended up with the smaller of the two!  Say What?  In all honesty there was something about the coziness of my office that really appealed to me.  It just felt right.  As I've said before I have been working room by room to redesign each space in our home.  My office has been so low on the list, but after Fi was born all of her wonderful distractions started to pull me away from blogging and my visions for Delightfully Chic.  I immediately knew I had to move the office up on the priority list to help keep me focused and inspired.

In order to de-clutter my thoughts, recharge my batteries and get this project underway I removed every single item from the office and started with a fresh coat of paint.  I went with one of my favorite colors, Decorators White by Benjamin Moore.  Then I pulled back in the items I knew I still wanted in the office.  My desk, chair, and stool from the original DC collection. That was it! Everything else will be finding a new landing place.  Now what?  Well, I plan to change the curtain rod, light fixture, purchase a new computer, add in wall art, plant life, and anything else that inspires me. 

Here a few spaces that inspire me and follow my vision for the new Delightfully Chic office.

(inspiration images via pinterest

As more progress is made I'll make sure to keep you all posted and of course share the finished product once completed!

Happy Sunday!

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Sunday, July 17, 2016

Sunday Sanctuary: The Redesign of The Gaither Dining Room

Happy Sunday!
In years past, Sunday Sanctuary was part of our weekly series, but with the hustle and bustle of life I have unfortunately gotten away from weekend posts.  I have found myself missing this series and decided to bring it back as I still continue to work and learn my new rhythm of life as a full time working mom, wife, and blogger.

So, let's not waste anymore time and kick things off.

Scott and I moved into our new home two years ago this November.  Our dining room is one of my favorite spaces and we started to pull this space together, but knew that it was only a temporary design.  The table and chairs have been passed down from Scott's family and are true antiques.  The table was passed down to Scott's sister Caroline and we were more than happy to "store" until she was ready to move into a home of her own.  This past month Caroline tied the knot and her husband Zack and her now live in Charlotte.  So, we said goodbye to the table (the chairs were passed down to Scott) and now we are officially ready to start the design of our dining room.

This was a pic I snapped last spring and gives you at least an idea of what we are working with.

Things I love about this space:

The China Cabinet...This piece was actually my parents that they purchased when they were first married.  Scott, my bff Rebecca, and I refinished this to white when we first moved in.
The Wainscoting...I am huge fan and it was one of many things I love about our home. 

Things that make my skin crawl:

Carpet! YUCK...I am so not a fan of carpet and I'm even less a fan of carpet in a dining room!  However, as long as we have a shedding four legged furry friend in the house...the carpet in all spaces that we still have it in will stay.  I made the agreement with Scott that as long as our big boy Lucian is in the house we will wait to replace any carpet or flooring.  Why I agree to such things is beyond me!  Lucian is limited to 3 rooms in our home (laundry room, kitchen, and family room) but somehow those tiny little hairs travel. 
The Lighting Fixture... Somebody please tell me why anyone would chose this fixture for their dining room?  One thing I loved about our established home was all the updates the previous homeowners had completed prior to our purchasing.  As we agreed on many of their decisions and updates the lighting fixtures in several rooms I would have NEVER selected.  I see an elegant chandelier of some sort in this space and not this super out of place fixture.

Here are a few looks that inspire me and point me in the direction I want to go...

(above images via pinterest)

As I start the search for the perfect dining room table and chairs (our current chairs will be relocated throughout our home) our first plan of action is the lighting fixture.  Stay tuned for updates and follow along on the Delightfully Chic Instagram page to see the progress.
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