Thursday, January 31, 2013

Little Friday Blog Party {Link-up}

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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

For The Love Of Cooking

Eggplant is a fruit, well wait a eggplant a fruit or veggie?? I guess I might should have investigated this tidbit of info prior to this post but, you'll forgive me right?!

Whether it be a fruit or veggie, eggplant for years has always caught my eye while browsing the produce section. I'm pretty sure it was its vibrant purple hue that raised my curiosity but, being the picky eater I am, I was still skeptic of this oddly shaped colorful fruit/veggie.

After traveling to Paris to study fashion in the summer of ’05 I really started to venture away from my normal menu picks and try out a few new items. Eggplant being one. My review, not too bad. It wasn’t however, until a few weeks back when my brothers lady Tina was in town that I gave eggplants another go. Tina is Italian and well the rumors are true, the girl can cook like no other! Yeap Miss Arduini now has me reaching for the purple passion!

I recently came across this appy that I plan to give a go in my first attempt
via Laylita's Recipe Blog.

Are you a fan of eggplants?
Know of any good recipes?

Looking for more delightfully chic?!
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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

I Spy {Vine}

Surely you have heard the insane amount of buzz going around every media porthole about Vine, the new app launched by Twitter on Thursday.

Of course I joined, I am a social media addict and not ashamed  to admit.  Ok, possibly a touch shameful of the amount of time I allow it to consume each and everyday of my life but, let's be real as a blogger and online boutique owner social media is must!

Have you joined yet?  Do you like the app?
Here is my personal review and thoughts on the new app!

-Similar to instagram (which we all love and adore) but,
bonus now in 6 second video clips instead of still shots
-Super user friendly
-No editing needed
-New fresh concept and avenue to brand your business or blog
-Seeing lots of familiar faces on the app already

-Another social media site to maintain
-Porn appeared under the "editors pick" yesterday- (YUCK)
(no worries it has now been removed and hopefully blocked)

I have posted two video clips so far and I have to admit it was kinda fun and quickly addicting.
Immediately, my wheels started turning thinking what would I shoot next and how could I best incorporate Vine into the #dchic world?!

If you are giving the app a test run feel free to stop by the DC profile (just search delightfully chic) and follow along.
Looking for more delightfully chic?!

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Monday, January 28, 2013

Quote Of The Week

Now here's a thought worth putting into action!
Happy Monday!

Delightfully Chic "Words of Wisdom"

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Friday, January 25, 2013

Friday Flashback

Happy Friday Loves!
Did you have a meet and greet today with the slippery mess that's been falling from the sky?
We sure did in NC!  The roads are way icy and after experiencing them first hand, I have decided to make it a cozy movie night in!

I'm excited to be kicking off a new series for Delightfully Chic!
I am (as I'm sure many of you are) completely addicted to Instagram and love browsing through all the amazing snapshots while handing out lots of "hearts"!
So, I got to thinking, what better way to wrap up each week than with a round-up of some of my favorite shots I've discovered throughout the week? 


1. @designlovefest 2. @alice_olivia 3. @brittgastineau
4. @sugarandcloth  5. @laurenconrad   6. @thedecorista
7. @dallasshaw 8. @mackenziehoran  9. @dawndelrusso

Make sure to check these ladies out and stop by and visit @delightfullychic while you are scrolling through swooning and handing out hearts! 

Are you on instagram?
Leave your info below-I'd love to stop by and share the love! 

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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Little Friday Blog Party {Link-up}

Thanks for stopping by and linking up on this COLD Thursday!! 
Bear with us while we work out a few tiny kinks but, we just couldn't wait another week!

So...let's get the party started!!! 
And... make sure to spread the word and tell all your friends! 

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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

For The Love Of Cooking

Last night after settling in for a little relaxation with warm jammies on and champs in hand...Time-Out! Yes, it's true-sometimes I sit at home ALONE and reach for a glass of the bubbly instead of vino. I am a firm believer that every single lady, well let's be real, every woman out there should insure that her abode is always stocked with at least ONE bottle of the good stuff!  Even on your not so good days, you can always perk up and celebrate the fact there is champs to cheer you up. It is just something about that "POP" when opening that makes me do a "Carrie Bradshaw" squeal of delight!
Ok! Time-In...
So as I was saying, last night after settling in I had my usual nightly routine of browsing new blogs, magazine sites, and pinterest while watching Sex and the City reruns. That’s when I came across a recipe from Donna Hay and immediately knew it had to be today’s feature.
Coriander Pesto Potato Salad
Pinned Image

Did someone say pesto??
Count me in!
Stop by the Donna Hay website for the complete recipe.

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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

I Spy {Blogs I Adore & Must Share}

Over the past few weeks I have been searching out new blogs for inspiration and interesting reads. 
Here are a few that have completely captured my attention.  

Stop by and enjoy- while you are indulging, make sure to follow along and add these adorable, inspiration blogs to your daily reads! 

Would you like to be featured in the next "Blogs I Adore and Must Share" ??
Leave a comment below with a link to your blog or shoot an email to me here with details about your site!
Also, I love hearing about bloggers sharing the Delightfully Chic Shop and Blog...
If you have shared DC send over an email with the link to your post and I will make sure to feature you on the store site and blog! 


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Monday, January 21, 2013

Quote Of The Week

This quote could not hit home anymore for me.  Since the beginning of December I have made some pretty big decisions about my life and the direction I want to take in 2013.  I am excited and confident in my choices BUT, change and stepping out of your comfort zone can always be a little scary.  
Each and everyday, I have to remind myself that my dreams are bigger than my fears and it is time (past time) that I start living more fearlessly!!

Here's to a week of not questioning and just doing!!

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Thursday, January 17, 2013

For The Love Of Cooking

Did you hear?! 
For the first time this winter the weather man says North Carolina can expect 2-4 inches of the fun fluffy white stuff tonight! 
Heaven help the grocery stores!

I for one will be skipping the milk and bread aisles and warming things up with taco soup!
In an effort to keep things tasty but, simple I have decided to go with this recipe by 
Melissa of The Faux Martha!

Pinned Image

What's your favorite snow day recipe?!

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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Flower Bomb

When the RTW Spring 2013 collections hit the runway back in early fall,
one trend that was evident…Floral prints!

Anthropologie is offering up a few chic Charlie Trousers perfect for the upcoming season. I for one have a total flashback moment to the year 2000 and a pair of green floral pants that I begged my mother for because duh they were “the hottest and a total must have”!! Did I mention my must haves turned from a dark green to a cobalt blue when they were in the presence of a black light?!
Oh yeah, talk about surprise when I hit the dance for the first time rocking them!
Looking back, I do the typical, WHAT was I thinking and well look at me now…ready to pick up a new pair!!

What about you?
Are you on the Flower Bomb train?
Love OR Hate??

Photo: When the RTW Spring 2013 collections hit the runway back in the early fall, one trend that was evident…Floral prints! Anthropologie is offering up a few chic Charlie Trousers perfect for the upcoming season. I for one have a total flashback moment to 2000 and a pair of green floral pants that I begged my mother for bc duh they were “the hottest and a total must have”!! Looking back, I did the typical what was I thinking and look at me now…ready to pick up a new pair!! Love OR Hate?? #flowerbomb **SHOP THE LOOK*** *

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Monday, January 14, 2013

Quote Of The Week

Last Friday, a close girlfriend and fellow blogger, Angela Charles of Habit Forming Success and I were chatting about life and how sometimes you just want to tell those not so positive people, who never let the past go to PLEASE, just move on!!
During the convo I had a few words of wisdom pop into my head for my darling friend...
Soooo in true blogger fashion, I have created an image of my quote to share with all of you!

Happy Monday Loves!
I hope you have a delightful and positive day and week!

*ps..If you are a quote junkie like me- feel free to "repin" here

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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

For The Love Of Cooking

This week's recipe is just too PERFECT for any of you guys and girls out there like me.
I love watching and cheering on my favorite teams with friends over a cold beevo and I love a good "wing".  That is...a good wing minus the chicken AND bone (chills) and sauce. 
OK, so maybe I just like the kick of buffalo and hot wing sauce?!
It's not that I'm totally against chicken, I just am not a huge fan of meat.  When I do eat meat, I cut every single bite into the tiniest pieces and inspect every morsel before chowing down. 
Ridiculous I know.

So, you can imagine my excitement when this yummy app from Skinny Taste hit my inbox eariler this week.

Buffalo Cauliflower Bites 

Finally, I have something besides celery I can completely drown in hot sauce and enjoy without all the inspector gadget action.
The only tweak I would make- replace the blue cheese with ranch!

So what do you think?
Are you still going for the wings or would you give this healthier yet still spunky veggie a try?

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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

HGTV & College Girlfriends

Yesterday, I was simply over the moon excited for a dear college friend of mine, Lindsey (Tilley) Cheek and her husband Grayson. A few months back Lindsey, Gray, and their beautiful daughter Tilley-Gray invited HGTV into their home for a photo shoot that would be featured in an upcoming issue of the mag. After several months (feeling more like an eternity for them I'm sure) the wait is finally over. The glossy pages hit the stands yesterday and the six page spread is simply gorgeous and total perfection!

Here are a few of my faves but, do make sure to pop on over to Fifi Cheek to see more and pickup a copy of the mag!
I can tell you, little Tilley-Gray's do not want to miss!

Congrats Lindsey-Couldn't be more excited for y'all!!

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Monday, January 7, 2013

Champs & Tini's

This past weekend I celebrated my birthday with a few of my closest friends!
We started the night with dinner at Print Works Bistro, located within one of my favorite hotels Proximity.  After an amazing dinner we headed downtown to Blu Martini for a few cocktails!
Great time but, now I am officially sick with a nasty cold.  
Apparently, your immune system is a tad bit weaker at 31! ;)

Thank you to everyone for all the birthday love and for making the day even more special! 

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Quote Of The Week

Pinned Image

Lucky for me-- Today really is my birthday!!

I swear I was JUST celebrating my 30th Birthday and here I am today celebrating my 31st!
I guess this means I am officially in my 30's! Yikes!

This girl is ready to embrace the year and all it has to offer!
I pray and dream for MANY big changes this's time to put my words into actions!

Stop back by later today for pics from my bday weekend with amazing friends!

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Friday, January 4, 2013

Decisions and Masterpieces

For as long as I can remember I have wanted to pack my bags and move to south Florida. I LOVE the beach, warm weather, and have a slight obsession with palm trees and tropical flowers. However, my dream job would require me to make a move in the total opposite direction.
Yeap, all the way north to New York City!

Of course loving interior design almost as much as I love fashion and my usual tendency to put the cart before the horse, I immediately start thinking where will I live? What could I afford? Oh no…how tiny will my apartment be?! Will I have a murphy style bed- EEK!
BUT, after seeing my darling fave Jen Ramos’ new 975 sq foot NYC pad I felt a slight peace of mind come over me.
I am well aware I will most likely be dealing with far less square footage but, “giving up” (aka renting) my current home just over 1,300 square foot in NC becomes a little bit easier after seeing the artistically chic masterpiece Jen has created with limited space!

For the complete home tour of Jen's glam pad click here and head on over to Made By Girl!

Happy Weekend Loves!
My 31st Birthday is Monday so I am closing up shop to start celebrating with my dearest family and friends!  I'll be sharing pics next week...See ya then!

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Thursday, January 3, 2013

For The Love Of Cooking

Kicking 2013's For the Love of Cooking off with a no way you can go wrong appy that makes a totally presh presentation, and hello did you see the ingredients?!

Pears, pistachios, dried cranberries and cheese!!
I haven't even had the first nibble and I'm already in love!

1 & 2
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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

NYE Review

Happy New Years my darlings!

I had a quick second so thought I would just share a few pics from NYE.

This years NYE dress was sooo comfy and glam all at the same time! 
Usually, all the sequins can be a little painful and scratch but, Swoon Boutique totally hooked this lady up and I danced the night away!

How was your new years??
Did you stay in or head out to kick up your heels?

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