Wednesday, July 29, 2015

For the Love of Cooking {Limes, Limes, and MORE Limes}

So I know I have told yall a hundred times before how 
awesome "Sweet Mama" is, but here I go again.
It never fails, when Scott and I are out of town for the weekend
we can always count on coming home to goodies that Mama has dropped
off for us.  This past weekend when we returned from Sunset Beach
we came home to find an insane amount of LIMES! Scott and I just died laughing
and thought, "was "the Teeter" having a sale on limes?" 
It was so random!  When we asked her she said, well I figured you could add to your 
water if you wanted.  I have a huge obsession with Pellegrino and buy a case a week.
There is just something about the bubbles that make the water taste way more refreshing.
And there I go again with bubbles- I love Champagne for the lil' bubbles too!
So, my whole point of this post is no matter how many G & T's I sip with a twist 
of lime or how many Pellegrino I drink to  quench my thirst,  
I still need something else to do with these limes.  AND I think I've found it!
Key Lime Cookies 
 How Perfect?! 
Ok, so this recipe only calls for like 1 lime at most 2 but it's a start!

I love you Mama and thank you for all the limes! 

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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

A Gemstone with Flare

My friend, Elizabeth and I have recently been obsessing over the
stone, agate.  From its geometric patterns to its bright color formations,
this is a gemstone I have a feeling you are going to love as well.
The going trend is to use agate slices as coasters, hooks, drawer knobs, 
and one of my faves, wall art.  
Elizabeth actually just hung two agate slices in frames in her home.
She used a gold pen to add an extra touch of chic to the edges of each slice.
You could also use foil paper to perfect this look. 


 So, tell me!  Are you lovin?!
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Monday, July 27, 2015

Quote of the Week {Weekend Wrap Up}

I'm back from one extra relaxing weekend!
Scott and I slipped away to Sunset Beach to stay in
his Great Aunt's beach house. Scott used to vacation in her home every 
summer as a little boy.  He had not been there in 15 years!!
The beach house aka Marsh Haven is located right on the sound with 
the most beautiful views.  Over the years the home has stayed rather empty, and Scott
being Scott, thought why in the world is no one using this place.  So he made
it happen and we did just that.
It was a total walk down memory lane for him as everything in the home was just
as he remembered.  Mama and Daddy Gaither stopped by on Friday to see the place
and the memories just came pouring back.

 This is the view from the back porch at low tide!

We did a little fishing off the dock!  
Look at those monsters! 

We had the most relaxing beach day full of long walks and qt!

And then the most "magical" thing happened!
As we reached the end of the pier, I laid eyes on my beloved sea turtle!

I was sooooo excited!!!  The pictures just do not do this cutie justice.
He was MASSIVE and so presh as he just cruised around taking in the beautiful day.
Scott turned to me and said " you know it's good luck to see a sea turtle" 
So, I have no idea if this is true or not, but him saying this in that moment made it all
that more special. Have I mentioned lately how lucky I am to be married to this man?!

Saturday night, smitten or not, I had to whoop a little booty in miniature golf!
I beat him by FIVE strokes!! 

It was such a special weekend! 

Now it's back to reality and the hustle and bustle of life!
It was fun while it lasted! ;) 


Wishing you an amazing week!

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Thursday, July 23, 2015

In 3...2...1

Yep! I'm back at it again!
Officially on vacay and ready for a weekend 
full of total relaxation!
 See ya back here on Monday!
Wishing you a beautiful weekend!

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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

For the Love of Cooking {Beachside Skinny}

Tomorrow I am going back into vacation mode and 
headed to the place I love most.  
The place where salt fills the air and 
sand stays in my hair. 
I can't wait to work on my tan lines and just RELAX!
I plan to do absolutely nothing more than soak up rays and 
maybe fish off the dock. 

While I am in chill mode I'm sure I will want to reach for a
snack in between my turns to even my tan.  
I found this dip and I think it might be just what I am looking for!

Skinny Poolside {Beachside} Dip

{What you'll need}

8 ounces cream cheese, room temperature
1 red bell pepper, finely diced
1 jalapeno, seeded, finely diced  (I might actually use a yellow or green bell pepper)
 1 small can black olives, finely diced
15 ounce can corn, drained
1 packet ranch seasoning
 Dump everything into a bowl and start stirring it together. As the vegetables start to release a little of their water, the mixture will come together much easier. Continue stirring until well combined.
Serve immediately or store in the fridge, covered, for up to 24 hours. The longer the dip sets, the more water the vegetables will release.
Serve with crackers or chips.
Recipe Via Buns In My Oven
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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Quote of the Week {Weekend Wrap Up}

I'm back!
 It was a long, but super fun weekend in NYC and CT. 
There was shopping and yummy food in NYC.
Bridal showers and bachelorette shenanigans in CT. 
Loved making the beautiful memories!

Here's a peek into the weekend fun!

A trip to NYC is never complete until we have made a stop by Laduree.

And one of my favorite spots in Soho, Nomo.

I am dying for a Soul Cycle back in NC so of course when I strolled past 
the Soho location I had a moment. 

After we wrapped things up in NYC we hopped the train to 
Fairfield, Connecticut to celebrate the bride to be. 

Next stop, Foxwoods Casino for Bachelorette Fun.

Sunday, it was pool party time! 

And, the aftermath of one epic bachelorette party to celebrate the bride to be! 
 Remind me one day to tell you the back story behind this pic!

When I arrived home last night I asked Scott can we move 
Taco Tuesday to Monday?  Well, cheese tortellini ended up winning, but you can 
best believe tonight there will be a fiesta at the Gaither residence!  

 Wishing you a great week!

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Thursday, July 16, 2015

And We're Off...

Tomorrow Sweet Mama and I will hopping a plane to 
my most favorite place, NYC!
I can't wait to be back in the city I so adore.

I am not a huge fan of sight seeing but, 
I do love finding unique restaurants, boutiques, and bakery's.
OH! And a stroll over to Laduree for macrons is ALWAYS on the list! 

Today I am calling on all my DChic readers, I need your help!
What are your favorite spots in the city?
What do you love to do while in town?


I will be back on Tuesday sharing the weekend wrap up!  
Until then follow Delightfully Chic on Instagram for a sneak peek into the weekend!

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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

For the Love of Cooking {AND Tacos}

If you know anything about Scott and I you know that
dinner at the Gaither house each week always includes Taco Tuesday.
In the rare event that something catastrophic happens and we can't have 
Taco Tuesday, we celebrate our love for tacos on an alternate night. 
It really is a taco obsession.  Did I mention my comfort food is NOT chocolate, 
it's actually Taco Bell!!!
That's right! Did you just cringe?  Well, I just got hungry!

So, all that to say, I think it's time to turn taco night
into a morning treat too.

 Taco Breakfast Burritos!
I love this recipe found on my fave blog Camille Styles.
It includes all my faves and bonus, meat free!

Click on over to Camille Styles for all the recipe details!
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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Show + Tell {Amelia}

Today I am excited to tell you about a little southern shop in 
Oxford, Mississippi by the name of Amelia.
Erin Austin Abbott opened Amelia in 2009 after returning 
home to her southern roots.  
In her 187 square feet shop, that's right 187 sq feet, you can find
a variety of unique, one of kind items.  Here are just a few of my current crush
items from the shop.

 Stop by and check out the complete Amelia Collection.
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Monday, July 13, 2015

Quote of the Week {Weekend Wrap Up}

This past weekend Scott and I slipped off to Charlotte to spend 
time with our good friends who are expecting their first baby in September!

It was such a fun and relaxing weekend!
 There was pool time, great food, great friends, and beautiful
sunsets by the water!

Brooke and Ike's adorable Pup Tank! 
He was my little shotgun rider!  

 I told yall we have been on a grilled cheese kick lately, the streak continues!
 We also went to this amazing little bakery called La Patisserie that served amazing crepes!
If and when I have the chance to indulge in a crepe you can bet that's what I do!

Satruday night we had dinner and drinks by the water and 
took in a beautiful sunset. 

How was your weekend?
Were you able to relax and enjoy?!  

This week I feel like I want to continue with my 
relaxation and bump up the "namaste" in my life even more. 
So this weeks quote...

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