Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Easter DIY {Color Explosion}

Last weekend I decorated our home for Easter.
One thing I was missing, colorful eggs!
So, after a trip to Micheal's it was time to create a color explosion of fun!

{What You Will Need}

Embroidery thread (one color for each egg) I did 10 eggs so 10 colors
Water Balloons (one balloon for each egg)
1 Cup of  Sta-Flo Liquid Starch
½ Cup Flour

Give your lungs a pep talk and then blow up those pesky little water balloons.
Big thank you to my husband Scott, for helping me with this step. 

Mix together 1 cup of Sta-Flo and 1/2 cup of flour.

I highly recommend neatly placing your embroidery thread in your
paste to avoid any tangles. I just kinda looped it around the bowl in a circle.

Yours truly creating a "masterpiece"! 
It was craft day, don't judge the messy counter tops! 

After I wrapped each thread around the balloons, I set them aside on wax paper
to dry.  I highly suggest pulling the thread between your fingers as you apply to the balloon.  
This helps avoid a gooey mess.  I also would suggest wiping away extra goo before placing on the wax paper.  After they sat about an hour or so I would turned them to help with drying.  

After about 4 hours it was time to pop those balloons!  
The balloons easily pull through the thread with no problem, just be gentle.

Next, it was time for those pretty little eggs to meet Mr. Peter Cottontail! 

Isn't he just precious?! 

These are a super easy craft that I think 
would be a total blast for the whole family!

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