Tuesday, February 12, 2013

I Spy {Runway Chic to Lawbreakers}

The Grammys were held this past Sunday and I'm sure by now you have all heard about the dress code memo that went out to all attending.  CBS strongly urged that the skin showing be kept to a minimum with limited side-boob and "puffy skin".  I'm sorry "puffy skin"...come again?!  Yeap, I would have been just as confused as these glam risk takers.

From Runway Chic to Red Carpet Lawbreakers!

As I do give massive you go girl props to these daring ladies they however, did not make my best dressed of the night For me, Rihanna stole the show in her Azzedine Alaia lady in red gown!
From head to toe, total perfection!!

As far as the fellas go, well duh a combo like J-Timberlake in a Tom Ford suit...kinda hard not to top the charts but, again not my pick of the night.

I decided to to give my best dressed award out to two gents who might as well be the inspiration behind the term "swag"...

Johnny Depp you will forever make me swoon...

Prince it's simple, all 5'2" of you had me at Little Red Corvette and now you stroll out with a cane? 
Too hot to touch...just too hot to touch!

Who did you hand your best dressed awards out to?
Were you glad to see a few ladies color outside the lines? 
Or do you think they should have stuck to the memo?

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  1. Totally agree with you on the Rihanna front! I thought Allison Williams looked amaaazing too in her black diamond encrusted dress.

  2. I agree. Rihanna was gorgeous. But Prince was my Best Dressed period. Amazing. Simply Bad Ass.


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