Wednesday, February 20, 2013

DChic Teams-Up With Brittany Blake Photography

In January, one of my dearest girlfriends launched her much anticipated photography business, Brittany Blake Photography.  A-MA-ZING... Britt Britt (as I like to refer to her) has not only knocked my socks completely off, but, everyone who has had the chance to preview her work.

I was over the moon thrilled when Britt called me up a couple weeks back and said
"GIRL, we need to do some new pics of you for the blog and shop"...Well, let me just first say I couldn't have agreed more; but, more importantly, I have NEVER been shy of a camera or refused girl time.  So, of course, this was an offer I could not and would not refuse.

No surprise Britt in true photog fashion wanted to shoot in natural light (aka the only true light acceptable) even though deep down she wanted to snap the pics in the wee hours of the night.
Why, you might ask?!
Another little secret about yours truly, I have and will always be a night owl.  While the majority of people have the Cinderella effect of turning into a pumpkin at the stroke of midnight, I actually come to life the later it gets! 

But, no way would Britt let this effect her end goal!
We cranked up the 80's rock tunes and my darling girlfriend even used a few of the jokes she uses on her kiddos during their shoots to get me busting a gut with laughter!

I will let you all be the judge of how the shoot turned out...
Here are few pics but stop by Brittany's new blog to see even more!!!


After you stop by the blog to see lots more from the shoot make sure to also check out Brittany out on  facebook and twitter!!

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