Thursday, April 16, 2015

Vintage Finds & Decisions to Make

A few weeks back on one  of my many excursions with mama, we laid eyes on 
two vintage lamps from the 70’s. I seriously stopped in my tracks and whipped around to say “ MAMA…oh my  gahhh I HAVE to have these”.  I was obsessed at first glance.  Now, if you know me, you know that I don’t just go to your big retailer stores and shop for our home.  As I said earlier this week, I like character, I like unique finds!  I also may go 3 years with a  blank wall in a particular room because I “just haven’t quite found what I’m looking for”.  I don’t just buy to buy, well that’s when it comes to décor.  Clothes, now that’s a different story.  I have known from the beginning I wanted 2 large lamps for our master bedroom nightstands. These gems were the perfect shade of green and hello they have a dimmer switch…I’m sold!  After purchasing these two dolls I turned to Mama to say, ok now I just need bigger nightstands and two lamps shades. Haha 
It’s never ending with me.


So today I’m calling on my DC readers!
What are your thoughts on the style of shade and color?  
Being the simple, clean line lover that I am I was thinking white deep drum shaped shades.   
Is that too boring or just right?!  I just don’t want to lose the uniqueness of the lamps 
by a busy shade.  Here is what we are currently working with.

Keep in mind we are adding 
décor over the bed, the drapes will be changing, 
and larger nightstands will be added.

And a few looks I’m loving …

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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

For the Love of Cooking {Bottoms Up}

So last week as I was indulging in
one of my favorite guilty pleasures, Pinterest, I stumbled
across this colorful concoction and immediately felt myself get all kinds
of excited and one total summer high came over me!

A week later...Here I am, still thinking about it!
So, I decided it's time to share and start mixing!

Sangria Swirl Frozen Margarita
{Makes 2 Cocktails}

For the sangria swirl: 
1 cup red wine, frozen in ice cube tray 
2 tablespoons triple sec (orange liquor) 
1 tablespoon fresh lime juice 
Juice of half an orange

For the regular frozen margarita: 
6 ounces frozen limeade concentrate 
2 shots tequila 
1 shot triple sec 
1 cup ice

Dip two margarita glasses in water or lime juice, and rim the edges with salt or sugar.
Next, puree the frozen red wine cubes with the triple sec, lime juice, and orange juice.
Pour into a small glass and have ready on the side.
Add the limeade concentrate (not defrosted), tequila, triple sec and ice to a blender.
Puree until slushy.
Divide the margarita mixture between two glasses, and swirl in the sangria mixture.

 Bottoms UP! 
Recipe Via Dessert For Two
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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

DIY Fun: #Dchic Project {Garden Planters}

As you know by now, Scott and I purchased our first home
together back in November after we tied the knot in August.
To say I am in love with our home would be an understatement.
My "only" requests (my husband would laugh) was that our home not be brand new and it had 
to have a large kitchen, 4 bedrooms, and CHARACTER!  I absolutely love the charm
that an older home brings.  I couldn't quite convince Scott that a 1920's bungalow or turn of the century Victorian home was perfect for us but,  I'm glad I listened and let him lead us to our home. Prior to Scott and I owning our current home, two other families were the homeowners for over the 38 years that it has been in existence. One family for 37 years, the next for a year and now, it's The Gaither's for hopefully a long, long, time. 

We found these two old planters when we moved in and I don't know who left them behind but,
again old nostalgic girl here just thought instead of tossing why not keep a piece of 
yesteryear around and make it new again.   

So I give you my garden planters...brought back to life!

 What You'll Need
2- Cans of spray paint
I chose a satin black and a hammered brownish like color. 
1- Roll of Blue Tape  

 1st- I taped over the detailed area that I wanted to paint
 my hammered accent color.

After I had sprayed black (sorry forgot to snap a pic) I then removed the tape from the detailed
area and taped the black just enough to cover and prevent me from spraying.

I let the planter dry overnight and ta-da!

Now my next mission...fill these pretty little ladies! 

I chose one of my favorite flowers, hibiscous for my "thrill" and dusty miller for the "fill".  We 
used the fuzzy goodness in our wedding so I have a soft spot in my heart for it.  
Lastly, I added cascading purple pagodas for my "spill".
Now, we wait, I attempt not to kill, and we let mother nature do her thing! 

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Monday, April 13, 2015

Quote of the Week {Mother-Daughter Teamwork}

Shew-whee, I feel like I need a weekend to recover
from my weekend.  Mama and I were total machines on 
Saturday and Sunday!  I'm talking 8am-9pm on Saturday and 9am-6pm on Sunday 
we were full speed ahead.  We started Saturday off with a little shopping but, 
quickly switched gears to work on a long to do list around the house.

Here's a list of items we tackled!

1) Remember those planters I told you about last week in this post?
They have been given a face lift and are total beauts!
I will be sharing DIY pics tomorrow. 
2) The Gaither Basketball Goal got a complete makeover thanks to Mama 
and Daddy who stopped by to help a little bit.  We didn't make Daddy work too much 
since he's still recovering from surgery and the Husband was on call working this weekend.
3) The family room accent wall that my daddy and brother painted I decided wasn't the exact 
color I was hoping for so, out came the paint brushes again and we painted a new color that
I'm loving. Pics to come!
4) The patio ceiling got a splash of color, pics to come on this too!
5) 32 bulbs of caladium were planted.
6) And last but not least Mother-Daughter quality time that is always
guaranteed to warm the heart and soul.

I can't wait to show you all the before and after pics!

After a long but successful weekend the quote just felt right for the week!

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Friday, April 10, 2015

Fashion Fix Friday {Sunshine and a Little Pink}

Guess who is dropping by our beloved Target on April 19th??
The one and only Lilly Pulitzer is staging a takeover! 
The printed fabrics we all love and adore will be sprinkled 
throughout the store.  Can you say overload...Target AND Lilly in the same place
at the same time...this calls for a cocktail celebration! 

And a few other pieces from Lilly Target Collection 
that tickle my fancy!

Who's ready to shop?!


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Thursday, April 9, 2015

Weekend Projects {Thrill, Fill, Spill}

This weekend I have a LONG list of DIY’s to complete around the house. 
Luckily, I have already conned my sweet mama into helping me!
One item on the list is to update these 2 old planters that were left by the previous owners.
My plan is to paint them black and copper or a bronze color.
Just as soon as these beauts have been brought back to life it will be time for a trip to the
local flower garden to fill them!

 My plan of action?!

 Thrill, Spill, Fill! 

 I love this technique and it's a sure way to end up 
with a gorgeous planter.

Here are a few planters from around the web 
that have my wheels turning!

And this last one wasn't too keen on the whole fill or spill idea but,
how gorgeous are these topiary's?
We aren't even gonna go to the black and white stripe door.

Next week I'll be updating you on our progress this weekend so stay tuned!

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