Friday, January 8, 2016

Pregnancy Boots

I have had a pair of brown boots that I have "latched on to" like my favorite old sweatshirt for way too long now.  So for Christmas I asked for a new pair!  I have had the hardest time finding the perfect "replacement" so I turned the task over to Scott to handle and on Christmas morning he delivered the most perfect pair of shiny new boots in true Santa fashion.  I was OVER the moon excited and just loved them.  I immediately tried them on only to quickly realize that my pregnancy weight and newly swollen calves were having a total Cinderella stepsister moment and my "little glass slipper" just wasn't going to happen. The zipper was screaming don't do it...pleaseee! Scott, being Scott said..."Well we will just set them aside until after March and make a quick trip to Target (aka my second home) to pick up an inexpensive pair in a larger size to take you through the last couple of months of pregnancy." So, we did just that!

{Shop the Look}
My shinny new Vince Camuto Boots... 
and my $44 Target Lace Up Find!

Now, today is my first day wearing my new lace up Target boots and I have to say...I am loving them! The laces are just "me" and hello no matter how much this body grows over the next 10 weeks I can just loosen up those little laces and keep on stepping! 

Wishing you all an amazing weekend and leaving you with a little lace up inspiration! 

   {inspiration via pinterest}

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  1. Those Target boots are very cute! Glad to know about them - I might just need a pair!


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