Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Rylee + Cru

After a great doctor's appointment today and seeing Baby G's adorable little plump face in 4d I am floating on Cloud 9 and head over heels in love with this precious little one!  I decided today that we should talk about Baby G and a few wardrobe must haves! Rylee and Cru launched its very first collection this past holiday season and totally hit a grand-slam! Kelli Murray is the brilliant artist behind this genius collection and gorgeous designs.  

Saying I will take one of everything would be a slight understatement, because what I really meant to say was "I will take one of each in all sizes"! I know babies grow at the speed of light, and these dolls are just too perfect to only wear once!

Make sure you linkup with Kelli and the whole Cru on instagram!  Your peepers won't be disappointed!

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