Tuesday, May 19, 2015

The Perfect Sunnies {All Under $40}

I love, love, love a good pair of sunnies, but my track record of hanging
on to them and keeping the lens scratch free is not the best.
Back in my "younger" more "carefree" days it was
a blink of the eye decision to spend a pretty penny on a pair of 
fabulous Chanel sunnies.  Those days are long gone!
Wait who is this girl I've become?!

I have a few pair that I am still clinging to
for dear life but, they are shocker...SCRATCHED!
It's time to start the hunt for a new pair!
My goal is to keep them stylish yet budget friendly so when I
leave them somewhere, or they fall off Aunt Tiff's face while playing 
with the kiddos at the pool I don't have complete heart failure.
Here are a few that catch my eye!

 Shop the Look
Cat Eyes
1 2 3
Classic Black
1 2
1 2
Summer Fun
1 2

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  1. I'm really into my aviators right now but I'd vote for Tortoise (dark) or sumber fun (green).

  2. I am obsessed with tortoise so they might be my pick and how fun are those steve madden flirty sunnies?!
    xoxo, Tiffany


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