Tuesday, May 12, 2015

The Eagle Has Landed

So after yesterday's post you now that "sweet mama" is a total rockstar.
Today I'm just going to prove my point even more.

A few months back you might remember me telling you about Mama 
showing up early one Saturday morning to surprise me with a beautiful piece of decor
 that I had been hunting for months.  
So, what was this little gem?!

A completely gorgeous and perfect Federalist Mirror from the 
late 1700's.  It was exactly what I had been in search for! 
One, thing you should know, if you tell Mama you realllllly want something,
just give her a few ticks of the clock and she is a mad woman on a mission.

I originally thought I would hang the mirror in a wall collage over
our family room sofa but, decided he was much better suited for our living room that is 
styled in white, gold, silver, and grey. 

I snapped this pic the last time I was at the country club because 
this is probably the largest federalist mirror I have see in real life...I had a moment! 

 And a few more mirrors styled...

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  1. just like the one from the club:)! so glad you have one of your very own Tiffany!

  2. Me too!!! My day was totally made when sweet mama arrived with this darlin beaut!
    I can't wait to hear all about Paris soon!!!! xoxo


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