Thursday, May 21, 2015

Battle of the Sexes

Scott’s office is another room in the house that has been a work in progress.  
As I’ve told you all before, Scott served 10 years in the Air Force and his dad served over 
20 years in the Air Force.  So as you can guess Scott is no stranger to moving.  
He was born in Japan, graduated high school in Iceland and has fought for our country on 
3 tours overseas with countless moves in between.  For his office I envisioned a world map as the backdrop with a few shadow boxes to showcase his many accomplishments throughout the space.   
We picked up the most awesome vintage teachers desk a while back for $30!!!   
It gives off the most masculine and vintage feel.  I just love it!  Scott is on board with my envisions for the room except for the world map.  He is NOT a fan!   
He instead would like to have a wood American Flag to hang behind his desk.  I have to admit I had already spied several on Pinterest that I loved but, I still had my eye on the world map.   
Again, he’s traveled the world and I thought how cool?   
Maybe even pin all the places he has been?  You know that say, “Pick your battles”   
well I think I will wave my white flag on this one!   
You win love...I think?!

What I envision...

What the hubby envisions...

And how gorgeous is this?!
All Images via Pinterest

I want to wish you all a safe and beautiful holiday weekend! 
May we always remember and never forget those that selflessly fight for our country every day 
so that we remain the land of the free and home of the brave!  
 I am officially on vacation! 
 See you all back here on Monday for your Quote of the Week and 
Weekend Wrap Up!
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