Thursday, May 14, 2015

MIA...I Blame the Mimosas {ACSL}

Who took a day off to sip mimosas, laugh with girlfriends, cry with girlfriends over 
inspiring life stories, and celebrate the successes of one amazing group of ladies known as the
Alamance County Service League?! Oh yea…THIS GIRL!
That’s right!  Yesterday, I originally had all intentions of bringing you your weekly 
“For the Love of Cooking” but to be completely honest,
I totally got caught up in the amazing day and lost all track of time.  
 I blame the mimosas!

I did want to share with you all the beauty of yesterday's
spring luncheon I attended with the most amazing  group of women I am so proud to be a part of, 
The Alamance County Service League.
A little background.
The ACSL, is a non-profit organization of generous volunteers who have been giving back to
Alamance County since 1929. 
Joining the league couldn’t have been a better decision.
I have met so many talented, giving, and loving ladies and I consider it a real honor to be
among their graces.   

I wish I had more pictures to share especially of the speakers, but to be completely honest,
snapping pics was the last thing on my mind while taking in such moving life experiences.

Here are a few images of the beautiful décor and a few of us
Provisional members receiving our gifts and having a little fun! 

The Provisional Class
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