Monday, May 18, 2015

Quote of the Week {Weekend Wrap Up}

Happy Monday to all my fabulous readers!
I hope you had an amazing weekend and soaked up lots of sunshine!!
It was a GORGEOUS weekend in North Carolina!

Friday we kicked things off with supporting Relay for Life by raising
money and awareness to save lives from cancer.

Saturday was a day filled with fun!
We started the day off ordering this little lady a pair of spectacles!
I've fought off the need for glasses for some time now and after waving wildly to what 
I thought was an old friend Friday at the Relay only to get closer to realize I had NO IDEA who
this stranger was...It was TIME!
After, ordering my new "eyes" it was off to celebrate our 
nephew Oliver's 6th Birthday!

After the candles were blown out a major water balloon and water gun fight ensued.
I wish I had pictures of my BRAVE sister in law Caroline soaking Scott!  Hilarious!!
Gotta love that brother-sister love! 
After the birthday festivites we cruised downtown in Scott's truck to 
check out the car show. 

 Saturday night we got to enjoy an evening with 
great food and beautiful friends.  

Sunday was the best!  Quality time with Sweet Mama!
We enjoyed a gorgeous lunch outside and then...we shopped!! 

A friend of mine who is expecting her 3rd little one told me about these fried avocado egg rolls 
from Cheesecake Factory and I could not believe I had never heard of them before.  They were SURELY made just for me!!  Mama and I were in love a first bite!! AMAZE! 

Giving thanks for another amazing weekend!


As we all rush through this week to get to Memorial Weekend
my hope is that we all pause for even a moment to pay respect
to all of the armed forces that serve and protect us daily
and especially to all of those who have sacrificed their own lives protecting us.
I am especially thankful for my amazing husband and his 10 years of service to this country.  He has
fought to protect us and our country not once, not twice, but THREE times overseas! He is my
American Hero! Xoxo 

Your Quote of the Week…

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