Friday, May 8, 2015

Fashion Fix Friday {My Daily Chaos Meets Madewell}

On a day to day basis I carry probably a more than necessary amount of items around with me.   My Lilly Pulitzer Calendar never leaves my side, a teasing comb for this extra fine hair (even though I swear it makes no difference if I use it or not, just makes me feel better at my attempt to have Kim K hair), lip gloss and chapstick always an arm’s reach away.  I also carry random coupons I’ve clipped and undoubtedly have lost to the black hole at the bottom of my purse only to find months after expiration, let’s see what else??! Well you get the gist.  It’s pure chaos in my handbag!  So, because I SWEAR this will make me more organized in life and in business I am on a mission to find a new tote in effort to declutter my handbag and share the love of chaos with a pretty new tote.   
And so, the search begins… 

I laid eyes on Madewell’s newest Transport Tote! It was one of those pause for greatness moments!

The TLC that went into the making of this bag makes my heart go pitter patter. 

This is how all handbags should be treated!  Am I right ladies?!

This statement says it all…I’m hooked! Yep! Count me in! 

“…our designers stuck to one rule: Make a trend-free style with leather that lasts forever. The result? A luxuriously cool bag that showcases the leather’s unique patina so no two are the same.”

info via Madewell Musings

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