Thursday, May 28, 2015

Contemplating {Stripes}

Lately I have been pondering the idea (yet again) of adding wallpaper to our home.
There are so many cool patterns and variations of the once horrid and painful wall coverings that my wheels are turning.  But before I rush out to pick up a few rolls of the nightmare turned stylish goodness I think I want to first try something I’ve been wanting to do since my previous home.
Painted striped walls!
I previously wanted to paint my laundry room in horizontal yellow and white stripes.
Now I am thinking I need to feature an accent wall in my home office with simple black and white stripes. Thoughts?! Don’t you think this would be super fun and by only tackling a smaller accent wall this should be totally doable and completely stress free!   Right?!
I bet Sweet Mama is reading this post going,
“Oh my…if these lines aren’t completely straight and perfect everyone 
prepare for a breakdown!” HA!
No worries, people.  I’ll be as cool as the flip side of my pillow!   
That is, until perfection has been achieved! ;)

But, seriously, How FUN?!

I think in my office space I would go with vertical stripes but, still debating!
The other accent colors planned are soft shades of pink because what southern girl
doesn't love a little blush and bashful.  You can see my office inspiration in this post here.

Love it or Hate it?! 
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  1. I LOVE Black & White. If you want to try it out you could do a window shade and paint stripes. Now you see it, now you don't. Would look so good with those silk blush curtains.


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