Friday, November 20, 2015

Fashion Fix Friday {Your Black Friday Wardrobe}

Next Friday is a day I look forward to every year!! BLACK FRIDAY!
Am I out there chasing deals?  No!  Am I out there looking for that one particular item? Nope! Am I out there for no reason at all but to take in the madness and complete chaos of the biggest shopping day of the year?!  Absolutely!
I love seeing everyone out shopping with Starbucks in hand, in full on Christmas mode! It’s the BEST!
But, with every Black Friday there comes one particular piece of business we all have to carefully think out, and that’s the outfit for the day!  We need comfort and we need layers!  On a typical Black Friday you can go from freezing in a line outside to sweating like you’re at the gym faster than you can say, SALE!  So today I have styled 3 super simple and comfortable looks to help you pull your wardrobe together for the big day!

Shop the Look

Shop the Look

Shop the Look

 One item you will find in each of these looks is the Madewell Transporter Tote.
This has been my bag obsession for several months now.
Here's to hoping Santa delivers this gem to me on Christmas!

Happy Weekend!
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  1. Perfect combination of fashion for the black Friday . Hope that it's not only for the black Friday but all along the years. Nice choice of fashion and standard outfit. Middle of the night is too good.
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