Monday, November 9, 2015

Quote of the Week {Weekend Wrap Up}

Happy rainy Monday 
I hope yall had an awesome weekend! 
On Friday I got to check in on Baby G and hear that healthy little heartbeat! 
It just makes me smile and breathe a sigh of relief every time! 

After the appointment Sweet Mama and I had lunch followed by shopping. 
The rest of Friday was spent with the husband being a much deserved lazy duo! 

Saturday, was a total blast as we celebrated my 15 Year Class Reunion!
I absolutely love being with all my old classmates again. 
We had some of the best times in high school! 

Sunday, Scott had to work (yet again) so I kidnapped Mama (yet again) and 
we went to the Food Truck Rodeo in Downtown Burlington,
then we did what only seemed natural, more shopping!! 

I almost always go with the French trucks!
There is something about a Nutella crepe that takes me back 
to my summer abroad in Paris.

 As a blogger, you try to take pics that use amazing natural light
and the ever most chicest image.
Well, in my head this next picture seemed like the BEST idea!
Mama and I were in line at Starbucks (per usual on our shopping outings)
and I had the overwhelming need to hear Christmas music. 
We made it happen with one of our Christmas faves and well, WE
were totally having a moment and I thought what a fun pic! 
The red holiday cup and a glimpse at the amazing tunes to share
with ALL of you to get you in the spirit! 
Can you say FAIL!
We snapped what we thought would be the cutest pic and then 
rolled laughing when we looked at how "busted" (as we say) it was!
 Because it gave us such a good laugh and because it was a moment 
for us...I decided to share anyway! 

 Another part of the pic that you don't hear or see really, is Mama
trying to hide her nails that were not manicured! 
Seriously, we have the best times together and laugh at 
the most silliest things! 


And because I am officially ready for 
Christmas...Your quote of the week!

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