Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sunday Sanctuary

Sunday's here again-I wish I could say I had a nice relaxing weekend but, it's been another busy one and there is no slowing down for the next several weeks!
I want to go ahead now and tell all my dear friends, family, blog readers, twitter loves, fb friends, etc I am so very sorry if I go MIA on phone calls, socials, comments, get the picture but, this girl has tunnel vision now and ALL my time and energy are being completely consumed with the launch of the DC Shop!!
Things are moving forward FAST and I couldn't be more excited!!

Now that was have all that covered...

Tell me do you feel about Moroccan decor?!
Is your obsession just as ridiculous as mine?
Would you like to see colorful Moroccan prints in the DC collection...well my dears your wish just may come true!

images via pinterest and elle decor

Have you subscribed to received exclusive updates on the stores launch?!
If here and get in the know! 
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