Friday, September 9, 2011

A Toast To GnR...

My ALL time favorite band...Guns N' Roses!  Yes, it's true and I'm sure this will shock a few but, Slash and Axl stole my heart way back in the 80's with a little "diddy" called Paradise City!  Then they had to go and bamboozle me with Sweet Child of Mine!! 
I even swore the day I got married my gown would be a replica of Stephanie Seymour's in the November Rain video- Oh bless my heart and thank goodness my perfect gown has now gained some length in the front! why am I telling you all this??
Well, as if I didn't love the Fashionably Bombed girls enough already today I discover they have a signature Gun's N' Roses cocktail!!

I give you the...
Guns N' Roses Water Mojito

Check out the recipe here
And for those of you who haven't met the outrageously fab ladies behind Fashionably Bombed...Allow me to introduce you!
And last but not least...Ta-Da

Happy Friday Loves!!
Have a rockin' weekend!
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