Thursday, September 22, 2011

I Spy...

First off- My complete apologies for my blogging hiatus the past few days as I have been recovering from the nasty funk that is strep throat!  Totally knocked me out and threw me way behind schedule on everything!!
I am slowly working myself back up to high gear today so bear with me as I "catch up".

Ok...Let's get to the good stuff...tomorrow is the first day of fall and your closet should definitely be equipped with lots of plaid as well as other fall trends seen here.

Burberry is famously known for it's trench coat but it's the added royal touch of plaid that most seek with each purchase!

So when the plaid craze hit for fall--my eyes immediately turned to Burberry runway...


Thank goodness they got it right...could you imagine if they hadn't...epic fail!

The Marc by Marc Jacobs Ready-to-Wear Fall Collection

A sophisticated smash!

And if your budget is like mine and you can't quite shop via the runway here are a few hits that won't drain your bank account!

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