Wednesday, July 29, 2015

For the Love of Cooking {Limes, Limes, and MORE Limes}

So I know I have told yall a hundred times before how 
awesome "Sweet Mama" is, but here I go again.
It never fails, when Scott and I are out of town for the weekend
we can always count on coming home to goodies that Mama has dropped
off for us.  This past weekend when we returned from Sunset Beach
we came home to find an insane amount of LIMES! Scott and I just died laughing
and thought, "was "the Teeter" having a sale on limes?" 
It was so random!  When we asked her she said, well I figured you could add to your 
water if you wanted.  I have a huge obsession with Pellegrino and buy a case a week.
There is just something about the bubbles that make the water taste way more refreshing.
And there I go again with bubbles- I love Champagne for the lil' bubbles too!
So, my whole point of this post is no matter how many G & T's I sip with a twist 
of lime or how many Pellegrino I drink to  quench my thirst,  
I still need something else to do with these limes.  AND I think I've found it!
Key Lime Cookies 
 How Perfect?! 
Ok, so this recipe only calls for like 1 lime at most 2 but it's a start!

I love you Mama and thank you for all the limes! 

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