Monday, July 27, 2015

Quote of the Week {Weekend Wrap Up}

I'm back from one extra relaxing weekend!
Scott and I slipped away to Sunset Beach to stay in
his Great Aunt's beach house. Scott used to vacation in her home every 
summer as a little boy.  He had not been there in 15 years!!
The beach house aka Marsh Haven is located right on the sound with 
the most beautiful views.  Over the years the home has stayed rather empty, and Scott
being Scott, thought why in the world is no one using this place.  So he made
it happen and we did just that.
It was a total walk down memory lane for him as everything in the home was just
as he remembered.  Mama and Daddy Gaither stopped by on Friday to see the place
and the memories just came pouring back.

 This is the view from the back porch at low tide!

We did a little fishing off the dock!  
Look at those monsters! 

We had the most relaxing beach day full of long walks and qt!

And then the most "magical" thing happened!
As we reached the end of the pier, I laid eyes on my beloved sea turtle!

I was sooooo excited!!!  The pictures just do not do this cutie justice.
He was MASSIVE and so presh as he just cruised around taking in the beautiful day.
Scott turned to me and said " you know it's good luck to see a sea turtle" 
So, I have no idea if this is true or not, but him saying this in that moment made it all
that more special. Have I mentioned lately how lucky I am to be married to this man?!

Saturday night, smitten or not, I had to whoop a little booty in miniature golf!
I beat him by FIVE strokes!! 

It was such a special weekend! 

Now it's back to reality and the hustle and bustle of life!
It was fun while it lasted! ;) 


Wishing you an amazing week!

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