Tuesday, April 14, 2015

DIY Fun: #Dchic Project {Garden Planters}

As you know by now, Scott and I purchased our first home
together back in November after we tied the knot in August.
To say I am in love with our home would be an understatement.
My "only" requests (my husband would laugh) was that our home not be brand new and it had 
to have a large kitchen, 4 bedrooms, and CHARACTER!  I absolutely love the charm
that an older home brings.  I couldn't quite convince Scott that a 1920's bungalow or turn of the century Victorian home was perfect for us but,  I'm glad I listened and let him lead us to our home. Prior to Scott and I owning our current home, two other families were the homeowners for over the 38 years that it has been in existence. One family for 37 years, the next for a year and now, it's The Gaither's for hopefully a long, long, time. 

We found these two old planters when we moved in and I don't know who left them behind but,
again old nostalgic girl here just thought instead of tossing why not keep a piece of 
yesteryear around and make it new again.   

So I give you my garden planters...brought back to life!

 What You'll Need
2- Cans of spray paint
I chose a satin black and a hammered brownish like color. 
1- Roll of Blue Tape  

 1st- I taped over the detailed area that I wanted to paint
 my hammered accent color.

After I had sprayed black (sorry forgot to snap a pic) I then removed the tape from the detailed
area and taped the black just enough to cover and prevent me from spraying.

I let the planter dry overnight and ta-da!

Now my next mission...fill these pretty little ladies! 

I chose one of my favorite flowers, hibiscous for my "thrill" and dusty miller for the "fill".  We 
used the fuzzy goodness in our wedding so I have a soft spot in my heart for it.  
Lastly, I added cascading purple pagodas for my "spill".
Now, we wait, I attempt not to kill, and we let mother nature do her thing! 

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  1. They turned out just goreous Tiffany! You always had a great flair for design :) Diane Howard


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