Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Delightfully Chic {Office Inspiration}

 As you know there have been TONS of decorating projects going on in the Gaither house since we moved in back in November.  One room I keep putting off, but, absolutely cannot wait to see completed is my Delightfully Chic office.  I decided to keep my desk and chair from my previous office in my town-home because I still adore them so much.  
When I brainstorm the new look of DChic I keep seeing soft tones of pink and coral with a 
mix of grey and of course, white! 

Here’s where I am currently at in the planning process...

Offices/Images that inspire me... 

These silk drapes...I die! 

Clean & Simple, my favorite combo! 

What are your thoughts on the new color scheme?! 
Love it? Hate it?! 

To be continued...

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  1. Hi Tiffany! I love your blog!! I live in Burlington and I think I live down the street from your inlaws!

  2. How awesome, I just adore "Mama and Daddy Gaither" (as I call them) ! Scott and I actually just live around the corner on N Gurney! Thank you for stopping by the blog and SO happy to hear you are loving!


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