Monday, April 6, 2015

Quote of the Week {Easter Wrap-Up}

How was your Easter?
I hope you were able to soak up lots of QT with your family 
and friends!  We started the weekend out by going back to our
country roots and had a mini "field" party.
Ok, so it was more like my bestie, her hubs, 
their insanely gorgeous daughters, and Scott and I. 
AND we might have only " partied" from like 5-8pm BUT,
it was a crazy good time!
You might remember me mentioning Rebecca (my bff) and Greg's
amazing family land before and their plans to build 
their forever home.  We were so excited to see the land cleared and stakes in the ground.
The moment they have been waiting years for has finally arrived. 

Raylee, Greg, Rebecca, and Carley Grace standing where
their future home will be!

And then these two wild and crazy kids!  

On Sunday, we were able to enjoy church and then
Easter egg dyeing with the whole family!
It was a beautiful weekend and memories were made that I will always cherish!

And with all that being said...this quote just felt right for this week!

 Wishing you a beautiful week!
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