Thursday, October 1, 2015

Fall Bulbs = Spring Moments

It's been a while since my last gardening post
and I thought today some of you out there might could
use a little color to brighten your day as we hunker down
for yet another one of Mother Natures downpours.

Before we get to your color moment here's a 
fun fact (insert Paul Blart voice)  I have always wanted to be a 
Meteorologist reporting live on scene, specializing in hurricanes.  
So, with that being said, I am BEYOND excited 
to escape to Wilmington this weekend to endure even MORE rain 
thanks to our friend Joaquin.

OK, now on to the color moment for all of you rainy day haters out there!
Here are my top 4 picks for bulbs to plant NOW so that when spring 
arrives you will be the first to know as
these beauties start to poke their little heads out!

Happy Planting! 
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