Tuesday, January 29, 2013

I Spy {Vine}

Surely you have heard the insane amount of buzz going around every media porthole about Vine, the new app launched by Twitter on Thursday.

Of course I joined, I am a social media addict and not ashamed  to admit.  Ok, possibly a touch shameful of the amount of time I allow it to consume each and everyday of my life but, let's be real as a blogger and online boutique owner social media is must!

Have you joined yet?  Do you like the app?
Here is my personal review and thoughts on the new app!

-Similar to instagram (which we all love and adore) but,
bonus now in 6 second video clips instead of still shots
-Super user friendly
-No editing needed
-New fresh concept and avenue to brand your business or blog
-Seeing lots of familiar faces on the app already

-Another social media site to maintain
-Porn appeared under the "editors pick" yesterday- (YUCK)
(no worries it has now been removed and hopefully blocked)

I have posted two video clips so far and I have to admit it was kinda fun and quickly addicting.
Immediately, my wheels started turning thinking what would I shoot next and how could I best incorporate Vine into the #dchic world?!

If you are giving the app a test run feel free to stop by the DC profile (just search delightfully chic) and follow along.
Looking for more delightfully chic?!

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  1. Sooooooo. Is it worth it? Might get it, but I don't need another SM outlet even tho I am obsessed with SM. First time i'm not being an early adopter. lol


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