Friday, January 4, 2013

Decisions and Masterpieces

For as long as I can remember I have wanted to pack my bags and move to south Florida. I LOVE the beach, warm weather, and have a slight obsession with palm trees and tropical flowers. However, my dream job would require me to make a move in the total opposite direction.
Yeap, all the way north to New York City!

Of course loving interior design almost as much as I love fashion and my usual tendency to put the cart before the horse, I immediately start thinking where will I live? What could I afford? Oh no…how tiny will my apartment be?! Will I have a murphy style bed- EEK!
BUT, after seeing my darling fave Jen Ramos’ new 975 sq foot NYC pad I felt a slight peace of mind come over me.
I am well aware I will most likely be dealing with far less square footage but, “giving up” (aka renting) my current home just over 1,300 square foot in NC becomes a little bit easier after seeing the artistically chic masterpiece Jen has created with limited space!

For the complete home tour of Jen's glam pad click here and head on over to Made By Girl!

Happy Weekend Loves!
My 31st Birthday is Monday so I am closing up shop to start celebrating with my dearest family and friends!  I'll be sharing pics next week...See ya then!

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  1. wow! i transferred to a new condo and i want also that it would look very chic..this one really looks great, thanks for the information


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