Wednesday, September 5, 2012

I Spy: Fall Chic

It's inevitable, fall is on the way!  It never fails, I always sing the blues when summer comes to a close but, honestly I'm not sure why??  I mean hello there's the obvious, packing up bikinis, putting frozen concoctions on hold, and saying song long to hot beach days...who wouldn't be bummed! 
BUT, there are a lot of things I simply adore about fall and quite frankly SWOON over.

The smell of burning leaves (ranking top on the list), mums, pumpkin spice lattes, boots to kill for, and let's not forget football!!!  I love my house most in the fall, I go all out with decorating to give that autumn vibe and the outrageous goodness of warm and cozy Scentsey fragrances (my gf introduced me to the flameless burners and it seriously has rocked my socks off) to captivate the room!

I took some time to browse Pinterest for a little extra inspiration to get me over the transition.

Happy Fall Yall!!

Stop by the DC fall chic board for more!

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