Tuesday, May 15, 2012

I Spy

This past weekend I stopped into Urban Outfitters (one of my fave stores) and my bank account I swear started to cry with fear of the damage I was about to do!  Thank goodness my wise mama (voice of reason) helped keep me under control!

There are a few items however, I can't seem to get off my mind!


ok...I'm obsessed with this print and style however, I am super funny when it comes to my "undergarments" low cut front and racer back...I don't do braless (i was not that blessed) and my VS convertible I swear can be more trouble than it's worth!  Suggestions??

one of my faves...kept going back to this top but for some reason it didn't end up in my bag :(

and I'm proud to be an American...
I don't know that I would rock this bag too much this summer but, it caught my eye and it could also be a great transition piece into fall

This little beauty I have had my eye on for a couple months now!!
I'm still holding out hoping someone who loves me a whole lot purchases it for me!
It's the most perfect accessory for the summer!

Happy Tuesday Darlings!

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