Wednesday, May 2, 2012

For The Love Of Cooking

I just fell off the band wagon when I took a detour from my healthy lunch for Armadillo Grill 
and a big ole' plate of Mexi deliciousness!

I immediately knew that todays recipe would highlight the festive holiday that is 
Cinco de Mayo but with a little skinniness in mind!

I give you...

Cinco de Mayo meets portion control!

Individual Seven-Layer Dips

Mexi Fruit Cup

Mini Mexican Pizza

and for fun...

Mini tacos with baby Patron

This seriously makes me excited! #totallush

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  1. I recently found your adorable blog and am following now! Just saw the mini seven layer dips on Pinterest and I was just thinking about how perfect they'd be for a Cinco de Mayo party! Love all of your other ideas as well.

    Life with Elizabeth

  2. Like the serving idea: mini tacos with baby Patron


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