Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I Spy: Moroccan Decor

As many of you know I am over the moon obsessed with Moroccan decor!  I am still to this day (3 years later) absolutely baffled by the fact that I did not decorate my entire house in gorgeous warm and rich shades of orange and pink with the most eccentric lanterns hanging from every corner!!

I dream daily about the day I pack up and move to South Beach where I plan to build my Moroccan Oasis...Living in Miami, tile flooring is a must as it is in Morocco...so duh is just the place if I am going to keep it in the States...right?!! 

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What's your dream home style?
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  1. I like a mix of modern, country and shabby chic! With an ocean view of course! :)

  2. Beautiful!! Love them all.


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