Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Cabbage Centerpiece??

I totally went huh (tilted head, confused look on face) when I first heard cabbage and centerpiece used together but, what a perfect combo!!

Can you imagine having brunch with your girlfriends outdoors, a fresh cabbage from your garden and beautiful cut flowers as your centerpiece?!

Def a topic of conversation!

See the how to's here


  1. hi tiff! Sorry I've been mia! This cabbage business- so novel. What a great idea!!! I did the total head tilt too hahah

  2. ROXY!! I've missed you!! Hope the furniture market went well! I hate I missed it...I'm sure it was crazy busy like always!

    Hope all is coming together with your new line! ; ) I've been busy working on the DC Shop!! Exciting times!!



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