Tuesday, April 16, 2013

I Spy {Celebs at Coachella}

Last weekend marked the kickoff of  Coachella and per usual all the hippie chic festival attire had me swooning in delight and tossin up a few peace signs! 
Free People is probably one of my all time fave stores to shop and we all know I have one insane love affair with music so you can imagine my obsession with the Coachella Festival!

I was completely the lame-o watching the live feed from the comfiness of my couch Sunday night swearing AGAIN this year that next year I am sooooooo there!! 
One day...One day!
Tons of celebs hit the event every year...
I just love seeing how they embrace their inner flower child.

My vote has to go to the VS Angels, Alessandra Ambrosio,  Miranda Kerr, and Candice Swanepoel for not only the happiest pic of the weekend but their AMAZING attire!

If you missed the fun this past weekend have no worries, weekend #2 kicks off on Friday!
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