Tuesday, April 9, 2013

I Spy {Pumped Up Kicks}

One of the topics over the Easter weekend was the comfy "FINALLY, the ladies spoke and you listened" sneaker wedge trend!  Eureka...we can add on inches in height while rockin' sneakers? Doesn't get much better than that...Am I right ladies?!
The first time I laid eyes on these bad-boys I thought, seriously, I might actually lose my balance in those and topple on over.  There was something about pumping up the heel height on a sneaker that had me thinking my depth perception and balance would be totally thrown off.  This coming from the 5'2" girl who has never met a heel too high.  Needless to say, that was NOT the case and I am full blown crazy in love with these kicks!
Here are a few of my top picks for must haves and few styling ideas to get your wheels turning on your pumped up kicks wardrobe.  
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  1. I am loving these, currently styling with a military styled trench with roll-up sleeves and black skinny jeans.
    They look cute with the floral pants too ^


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