Tuesday, April 21, 2015

5 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day

In honor of Earth Day tomorrow, I am 
sharing 5 ways to celebrate the day, respect the beautiful
world we have been given, and utilize mother nature’s resources!

Wear This
Conscious Clothing is a new clothing line I have recently discovered that
I am quickly becoming obsessed with.  Not only are all of their pieces made in our amazing country, they are all eco-friendly.  Materials such as hemp, organic cotton, bamboo, organic linen, and recycled materials are their go to’s when making their beautiful clothing. Each piece screams stylish comfort!  Make sure to check them out on their Website and Instagram!   
ps...in honor of Earth Day shop the collection today- April 25th at 15% using the code EARTH2015

Try That
Earth Tu Face is a 100% all natural skincare line created by Herbalists Sarah Buscho and Marina Storm.  Each product is 100% plant based with ingredients chosen to heal your body and our planet!
Shop the collection on their website and don’t forget to follow along on Instagram

Sip This
This is one of my favorite detox healthy drink options.  Many call this concoction “Sassy Water”.
What I love most about this water is its yummy flavor and health benefits.
This drink will help you regulate your digestive system, flush out toxins, and 
give your skin a healthy glow.
Cucumber Ginger Lemon Mint Water
1 peeled Cucumber sliced 
1 tsp peeled grated Ginger(optional) 
(your remaining ginger can be frozen until your next batch is made) 
1/2 cup mint leaves 
1 lemon sliced 
1 tsp lemon zest 
1 gallon water 
Add ingredients to water. 
Let stand in refrigerator overnight & strain. 
Be sure to refrigerate & drink within 2 days. 
Recipe via City Farm House

DIY That
On earth day, give your pocketbook a break and make your own candles at home from oranges!
Making my own candles from leftover wax is something I have done for years but, making candles from natural resources I haven’t tried! I think I see a new weekend project in my future! 
Here’s what you will need! 
Satsuma oranges with stems attached 
Olive or Vegetable oil 
A serrated knife 
A spoon 
See the complete run down and how to here 

Plant This 
This Earth Day why not start your own garden?!  Scott and I love to plant our garden every year. There is something so exciting about watching your little plants grow.  So far this year we have planted Rosemary, Basil, Yellow Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Sweet Peppers, Jalapeno Peppers, and Orange Bell Peppers.  One that we keep debating is lettuce.  I say with as much lettuce as we eat we need to plant and grow our own.  We also plant squash and zucchini but, just haven’t gotten around to adding these two yet.

Happy Earth Day 2015!  

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