Thursday, November 8, 2012

Thanksgiving DIY Roundup

This past Monday I had all intentions of spending the entire day unpacking from my weekend trip to LA (pics to come), recovering from the jet-lag, and decorating my home for Christmas.  Unfortunately, a red eye flight really doesn't do the body justice in the Z's department.  As I did stick to the majority of my to-do list starting with unpacking and washing all my clothes, (thank you Starbucks for the energy boost) I didn't quite make it past the time zone AND fall time about double whammy!

As of today, I have officially started the process of decorating for Christmas...OK, so I have moved  all festive decor down from the attic and into the guest room where it sits waiting to dazzle in display.  Yes, I realize for most of you it's probably entirely too early to decorate for the occasion but, in my defense I only decorate the inside for now.  The outside decor will come to life just a day or two before we gobble down the turkey!

The one thing I never want to do is decorate for an upcoming season while overlooking a very important holiday that officially kicks off the season while reminding us to give thanks!
So, I have decided to first share a few simple and cost efficient DIY's offering chic decor for your Thanksgiving Day and second wrapping up every blog from now until November 22 with something I am thankful for. 




Aren't these all so darling?  Adding even one of these tiny details to your day of thanks will completely take your gathering up a notch! 

*Day 1 of Thanks*

I am thankful for the ability to rise and shine every morning and embrace whatever the day may bring! 

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