Wednesday, November 7, 2012

For The Love Of Cooking

Can you believe Thanksgiving is in two weeks?!  I am starting to understand what the older and ever so wise generation meant when they said "cherish these days...the older you get the faster the years go."   I swear it feels like I just turned the big 3-0 and now today I'm exactly 2 months away from turning 31?!  
Holy Moly...time please, I'm begging you stand still for just a little while!  
OK, deep breath...let's get the heart rate back down (after that realization) and back on track!  
Now, where were we?!  Oh yeah...Thanksgiving!  So it's time to start planning the menus and of course the all day veg sesh that will ensue after we're all completely stuffed yet STILL feel the need to graze the ridiculous amounts of leftovers!

Paula Dean per usual is offering up a tasty Turkey Cranberry Sandwich perfect for leftovers! 

The past two years I have made a delish (if I do say so myself) Cranberry Orange Relish that has been a total hit.  However, this year while checking out the Gourmet Food selection offered by Saks Fifth Ave I stumbled across a Cranberry Cherry Marsala.  After reading the reviews on the side dish, I'm starting to think I may simplify life, pay $20 and let Saks do a little of the cooking!  

What do you think?  
Is it complete turkey day blasphemy to shop online for my menu items?! 

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1 comment:

  1. Cannot wait for Thanksgiving, that turkey sandwich looks delish! :-)

    And online shopping? I'm all for it! Hey anything to beat the crowds at the supermarket!


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