Friday, October 5, 2012

DIY's & Me Time

Happy Friday!

I plan to make this weekend all about ME!  I am way overdue for a quiet weekend.  The plan is to kick things off tonight by "re-organizing" my home office.  Saturday will start with a mani-pedi followed by mimosas at Mimi's with my sweet mama!  After I am nice and relaxed I  think a Halloween diy is just what I need.  If I'm being honest, there is no way I will completely exclude all social activities this weekend so, a quick sushi date with friends Saturday night is a must.  THEN, it's back to the homestead to finish up the wall collage I have been working on in my guest bedroom.  

So what DIY will I be attempting this weekend? 
A Skeleton Tee, do I really need a shredded t-shirt? No...  Are there not other diy's I could start around the house that would be more appropriate or more of a necessity?  Well, I'm sure there are but, will they be as cool as this one?? decision made, weekend diy = skeleton tee that I will 100% be rocking before boo-time arrives and possibly after! ; )

Below are two fun how to's on making the festive shirt.

Of course Queen Martha has tackled such a project!

What are your plans for the weekend?
Any diy's you're planning?

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