Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Oh How I Adore...

There are two reasons I "adore" today...

1st Up...June 1st is an extra special day...Four years ago today my guy said...Hey lovebug it's you and me from here on out...I said why of course boobear! 
Ok so it didn't totally go like that but you get the idea!

2nd up...The June-July issue of the amazingly fab Adore Magazine is live!!

Oh what a great day!!

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  1. congrats on 4 years!! and more to come right? People ask me all the time how we have managed 13 years...a few years ago i would have answered, good communication and making sure to STILL do all the little things you did in the beginning.
    Now I say God is a big factor, live by his rules and the rest will follow...BUT nonetheless we still have to work at it, God is there to guide is, we are the ultimate decision makers. ox!

  2. Jen- Your comment is so true and means so much! My parents raised my brother and I to live each day for the Lord and that one day when we have our spouses and family to keep Christ present daily...I truly believe the Lord is the glue that holds a family together!!


  3. Congrats lady! You guys are too cute! :)


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