Thursday, September 16, 2010

RUE is Officially LIVE and FABULOUS!!!

Thank You Crystal Gentilello (Co-Founder & Editor in Chief) for being inspired, having a dream and seeing it through!  You and your incredible team have put in what I know was lots of hard work and it has definitely paid off...Rue is absolutely AMAZING!

Delightfully Chic readers if you haven't already head on over and check out the very FIRST issue of RUE are sure to be blown away and hooked with the first turn of the page.

The Ban.Do Layout is so Fun and Fresh...Could you imagine being on set for this shoot?!

This is serious!!!...Hollywood Chic

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And stop back by and tell me all about how in love you are! :  )


  1. Tiffany--Thank you SO much for your wonderful and kind words about Rue! I'm glad that all the fun we had putting the first issue together comes out in every page. Can't wait to bring you more great stuff in future issues!

    Anne @ Rue

  2. Anne- Thanks for stopping by Delightfully Chic and you are soooooo very welcome! Can't wait to see what else Rue has in store. xoxo-Tiffany


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