Monday, September 20, 2010

Snuggle Up and Enjoy...

Alright Delightfully Chic readers...Are you as excited as I am for all the new Fall Season Premiere's tonight?! 
I'm most excited for Dancing with the Stars?!  I'm a sucker for any form of reality tv!

Before I snuggle up to my remote control for the evening I thought I would share some lovely chairs with you all...I mean if we are going to spend an evening by the tv...we can at least still do it in style right?! 

And for fun...this quirky lil' room!!

So what shows are you looking forward to watching tonight!?


  1. Seriously love those chairs, esp. the white one:-) Fab!!!

  2. Are they not amazing!?

    Tamara-I'm in LOVE with the white button chair too!

    Thanks for stopping by and thanks Jami for following Delightfully Chic! : )

    xo- Tiffany


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