Thursday, February 19, 2015

Must Haves {Winter Survival}

A high of 18, and a low of 3, with a windchill factor of ZERO?!  
North Carolina weather has officially gone nutso!
Once I arrived at home last night after driving through a "snow-burst"
 I felt myself shift into lazy mode.  Does anybody else feel like their total body shuts 
down when the temps take a ride to burrsville?
As I lounged in my over-sized hoodie, today's post hit me like a snowball to the face.

It is beyond most necessary to share a few of my go-to items for Winter survival.
It's all about keeping you cabin fabulous without the fever!
Every morning and night I lather my hands with this goodness
There is absolutely nothing better than taking a hot bubble bath and
then slipping into cozy over-sized warmth
I switched to Estee Lauder products a few months back and to say I'm 
a fan would be a total understatement
Just try, your lips will love you for it!
There will be no Risky Business sliding in these socks but 
your little tootsies will be so warm
 Might I suggest going heavy on the vodka and marshmallows
Once you part from your favorite glossy mag, curl up with books full of glamour and style

What are your go to items while surviving the low temps?!
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