Thursday, February 26, 2015

Finding Patience and Bedroom Decor

We moved into our new home just 3 months ago and are working room 
by room to pull our forever home together.  I have been reminded so many times
that I need to have a little patience and that some of the envisions and plans 
I have for our home will take a little time.  Example, no matter how much I want to believe 
that each Saturday morning when I wake up I will head outside to 
plant gorgeous hydrangea bushes, reality check, it's winter and with 6 inches of 
snow on the ground as we speak, outdoor landscaping isn't happening right now. 

One thing I can work on at the moment is the decor over our master bed.
Since we are newlyweds I do find myself leaning towards incorporating wedding images
over us as we dream.  But, I also want to mix things up a bit by maybe incorporating 
drapes or shelving or some other eye catching piece.  As I'm snowed in again today 
I took to my old friend Pinterest and a few glossy mags to brainstorm a little further.  

Here is our room now...
Now remember this is a work in progress so just look over the drapes (they are being replaced)
and night stand updates are also on the to do list. 

And here are a few ideas I'm loving...

What do you suggest?! What looks are you loving?

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