Wednesday, February 11, 2015

For the Love of Cooking {Vday Edition}

As you are gearing up for Cupids big day, maybe try impressing
your love with a sweet treat or a cocktail that will surely have you giddy! 

Here are three that I am dying to try!

Strawberry Cream Melts 
Did I mention these are no bake- super adorable!

Find the complete step by step recipe on the super adorable blog Smart School House
Mom's you will LOVE Kelly, the author and creative mind behind the blog. 

Heart Cookies
Only 4 ingredients and how cute?!

 Find the easy recipe over at The Dessert Lover

Charleston Pink YES! 
A classic cocktail with gin (make it a double for me) that brings us 
back to the roaring 20's!

Get the mixology over at Return to Sunday Supper

Cheers my darlings!

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